“The Boston Marathon and U.S. Drone Attacks: a Tale of Two Terrorisms”

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From my observations, I’ve always understood why the people in the U.S. are the way they are, more often than not, ignorant about anything/one thats beyond their borders and geographically challenged in that sense, they weren’t born that way – and of course, there are exceptions, I don’t mean to be stereotypical here, but I hope you can see where I’m coming from – it is a result of decades of mental conditioning, manipulation & systematic brainwash through an education system, media and culture that are completely locally oriented, one that creates enemies out of anything thats foreign and unaffiliated to U.S. policies. Because I get that, I sympathize, with the people that is. The thing I cannot sympathize with or fathom however, is the level of double-standarded reactions, especially when you compare & contrast a situation like the one at hand today inside the U.S. with a reality that has been ongoing for a while outside of it, and the way many in the U.S. react to both situations separately, the more “natural” more human response should be “To murder several runners using bombs at a sporting event is terrorism. To murder 175 children using military drones is U.S. policy. We should accept neither. We should fight against both.” but that is not the case now is it?! Instead it feels as if an attitude of “if they’re not ours why give a f$%k?!” is adopted. Even though at the beginning I said I sympathize because I understand that the cause behind all this is  one that is not in the hands of the people in the U.S., but I cannot accept such apathy here because simply, the ’cause’ does not apply anymore. You are no longer limited to what you are forced to learn in school or what is aired to you on local television now, everybody has access to worlds of information through internet & all you have to do is click some buttons and use your brain and it only takes a little common sense to see the facade and break away from it really; so there is no longer an excuse for this self-inflicted ignorance, like Donny Miller said, “In the age of information, ignorance is a choice.”

7 Comments on ““The Boston Marathon and U.S. Drone Attacks: a Tale of Two Terrorisms””

  1. I am from the USA. Care to measure IQ? Since I can’t understand double standards? Nice slap in the face while saying in the next breath “I don’t mean to be stereotypical. ..” just follow through don’t belly up and back out. If you hate us tell your country to never accept aid from us ever… what a laugh.

    • This is a one sided emotional response, if you make an attempt to be objective about what you’re reading and try to understand what I’m getting at, maybe you wouldn’t feel such a bruise on your ego by my opinion. I do not hate you or your people, quite the contrary actually, I am saddened by the tragedy in Boston. If you truly understand what double standards are, you would see how media is quite similarly one sided, focussing on one tragedy and blacking out the numerous daily tragedies caused by your governments drones, as if some people’s lives are worth more than those of others. We do not take “aid” from your country, our governments purchase arms and a farce sense of “security” from yours out of threats of imminent wars that are more often than not waged by your government/s & in return yours gets to send out poor young men and women who are too desperate to make a decent student-loan-free living to camp out here and make sure that if your country goes into war, it does so on our land, far far away from yours, making your boys and girls cannon fodder and making our people human shields. A vicious circle both of us as people had been stuck in for decades. And so, no, I do not hate you my friend, I hate the way propaganda works and the effects it has on people, I hate how hegemonic U.S. policy is bullying the rest of the world around to strip it from its natural resources. Laugh all you want but I do not hate you, I sympathize with you, when you are blindly defensive the way you are, you only prove my point even further.

  2. Khanak says:

    Or do we say that if there were no drone attacks, there would have been a Boston type of Bombing 2 -3 times every year in the USA.

    Some people say that Muslims will retaliate when attacked. But the fact is not only retaliation – its more than that. With regard to Islam in general, not a few Muslims who you know, I say this
    1- If you attack a Muslim he will attack you
    2 – If you dont attack a Muslim, he will attack you
    3 – If you ignore a Muslim, he will attack you
    4 – If you are nice to a Muslim, he will attack you

    The only way is more and more attacks, the attack on Islam must be severe, so they get scared of retaliation.

    Think a little bit, why does no Muslim attack China over ill treatment of Uighurs. Because Muslims know that the Chinese are as Ruthless as Muslims, and there is nothing like a mitigating public opinion in China. That’s why they don’t attack China.

    So do you agree that the Boston bombings are a wake up call to USA, that they need to stop talking about peace, and go for Islams throat ASAP ?

  3. This is my first blogpost, I think it was worth it! But what is more interesting than my post itself though, is all the racist comments I received right after posting it. It is amazing how people ignore the parts where “All lives are equally valued” is emphasized – which is pretty straightforward, and jump straight into concluding that this is hate or insensitivity towards the victims of the Boston bombing or the American people and might even go as far as interpreting it as a justification to it, when it merely is a comparison; one that is supposed to expose a harsh reality of double standards and schizophrenic human values, and trigger thought about what is the real root cause of all this violence. Civilians are victims in both cases, it is the government’s twisted bullying foreign policies that are to be held at blame for the falling of those victims, in both cases, directly and indirectly.

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